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"A Family Business"

     Pressure’s On was started approximately 30 days after September 11, 2001. Because of that fateful day, United Airlines (which was my employer for 25 years), was forced to close numerous stations throughout the United States, including Norfolk, Virginia. They furloughed tens of thousands of employees. Not wanting to relocate and move away from my family, I chose to take early retirement/furlough from United.
     Thus, I decided to start a new business – commercial pressure washing. With the help of AA&J Welding, I designed and built a one of a kind industrial hot-water pressure cleaning system. From there, we have grown into a major commercial pressure washing and line striping business. A major part of my duties at United Airlines was in Customer Service. That is why customer satisfaction and quality work are my number one priorities.
     I would like to make special acknowledgements to Kelvin Darrough for his insight in the pressure washing industry. Also, I would like to thank Jimmy Page with AA&J Welding for his incredible welding talents.
     We appreciate your business and patronage.

Ken Mills, Jr.
Pressure’s On, Inc.

"A Happy Crew"

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