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Q. Is Pressure’s On Pressure Washing and Line Striping insured?
A. Yes! Pressure’s On carries a general liability policy AND is covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Insurance information is available upon request.
Q. Why is Workers’ Compensation important?
A. Workers’ Comp. protects you from liability from possible injuries that happen on your property. Without it, an injured employee of a company can possibly sue you and win. Many companies claim compliance, meaning the owners have exempted themselves with the state, which is legal, but does not cover any employees of that company.
Q. Do you use chemicals to clean?
A. We use bio-degradable chemicals with MSDS forms, but only on gas pads and dumpster areas.
Q. Do you use cold water or hot water when pressure washing?
A. It is my opinion that the majority of pressure washers use cold water. The majority of the time, Pressure’s On uses hot water to clean. Imagine washing your dishes in cold water vs. hot water. This example speaks for itself. We run temperatures of approximately 220 degrees. An exception to hot water cleaning would be awning cleaning. Awnings could shrink if pressure washed in hot water, which is why it’s important to have a professional pressure wash for you.
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