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We have moved beyond concrete. We now recommend and sell Xpotential Impact Curbs.
These are recycled and recyclable composite curbs. We have been in the bumper curb business since 1984 and have found that even the best concrete bumpers begin to fail after 7 years. When the fail they often break exposing the ends of the rebar. This is unsightly and dangerous, presenting a tripping and a puncture hazard. Impact Curbs from Xpotential are guaranteed for 75 years. They are lighter than concrete, but three or four times heavier than any other composite or plastic curb on the market.
Email for ordering information.

Impact Curbs 5 1/4"X8"X6' - 135 lbs. each

Impact Curbs 4"X6"X6' - 72 lbs. each

Xpotential Impact Curbs good for the environment.
They are made of recycled automotive plastic and rubber. They are formed under high pressure and temperature and are tougher and lighter than concrete, and much heavier than other plastic or rubber bumper curbs.

Xpotential Impact Curbs are a gray - brown in color, and are not affected by sun, heat, or water. They are easily painted, and hold paint much better than concrete. They have pre-drilled holes for installation. Because they are much heavier than other composite bumper curbs, they do not need to be installed with anchors, just with rebar or other steel pins.

Xpotential Impact Curbs come in two sizes - 4 inches high, 6 inches deep, and 6 feet long for most applications, or 5 1/4 " high, 8 inches deep, and six feet long for snow country, or heavy duty use. They are also available in eight foot lengths by special order.

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