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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Impact Products (the Company") and Xpotential Products Inc. (the "Company")

Warrants that IMPACT-CURB (the "Product") shall not suffer a reduction in structural integrity due to the following conditions: insect damage, rot, mildew or fungal decay; submersion in water; exposure to road salt; and periodic contamination with oil or gasoline. If the Products suffer loss of structural integrity due to any of these conditions, the Company will replace the Products at no charge upon presentation of the original bill of sale for the Products by the original purchaser of the Products.

The Company shall be responsible only for the replacement of defective Products. The Company assumes no responsibility for consequential or other damages directly or indirectly resulting from the use of the Products, nor does the Company assume responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the original purchaser of the Products or by any other person. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser of the Products to determine the fitness of the Products for any use in a particular application.
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