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Q. How should POST GUARD be installed?
A. Follow these easy steps to install POST GUARD:
1. A foam strip is supplied with POST GUARD. Center the foam strip over the top of the bollard you intend to cover with POST GUARD. When the strip hangs over the top of the bollard, be sure the ends are equal with each other.
2. Slide POST GUARD over the bollard to check the fit. Since the foam strip will compress to make a snug fit, you may have to vigorously slide POST GUARD in place.
3. Now remove POST GUARD. Visibility can be enhanced when POST GUARD is slightly taller than the bollard. If necessary, POST GUARD can be cut to a desired length.
4. Spray one side of the foam strip with an adhesive spray readily available from most hardware wholesalers or retail outlets. Then center the foam strip (with the sticky side down) over the bollard and press the strip into place. Be sure the ends of the foam strip adhere to the bollard.
5. Now spray the whole foam strip (facing up) with adhesive spray.
6. Slip POST GUARD over the bollard with the foam tape.
Q. Are there other ways to install it?
A. Yes. Construction adhesive can be used alone or in combination with the foam strip. POST GUARD may also be secured to the bollard with the appropriate screws. All adhesives and fasteners are readily available from wholesale and retail outlets.
Q. What can I use to clean POST GUARD?
A. Soap and water will clean most dirt and grime off the plastic. Tougher scuff marks can be removed with a non-abrasive cleaner available from most wholesalers and retailers.

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